Baptism Is More Than a Fond Memory

So “Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: sing forth the honor of His Name; make His praise glorious. Say unto God, How terrible art Thou in Thy works: through the greatness of Thy power shall Thine enemies submit themselves unto Thee.” God’s terrible works, that is, His wonderful works, are Christ’s Death and Resurrection for your salvation. They are your Baptism which unites you to Christ. They are The Sacrament in which you eat The Body and Blood of your Savior and receive forgiveness and everlasting life. He has worked out your salvation. You play no part in it. He has done it all. For He gave up His life as a ransom for the many, only to take it up again. He says your sins are forgiven and life is yours. Who else then could you trust more? You belong to Him. Rejoice.

Regarding the last post, this is an example of the baptismal life for Bible-believing Christians. This is our source of salvation and comfort in our fallen condition: God applies his promises to me outside of my ability to screw it up. Why would we want to look anywhere else for entrance into God’s family and to be comforted in times of doubt?


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