A Foretaste

I’m working on a new post on the Lord’s Supper. I think if I was meaning to turn this blogging thing into something of a permanent nature, I’d find a way to stretch this upcoming post out across several weeks so that people would keep coming back, but that’s not what this is about. I still have a job, a catechesis process (and soon we’ll be completed and can commune!), and a life to lead outside of this blog. That being said, I know that people stop viewing if I stop posting, and I want those who want to know why I’ve left the FE faith for the scriptural, historical faith to feel satisfied in knowing, even if they disagree with my conclusions. Because of this, I try to post at least every two weeks, and I’m a little past that. It will be a little while longer for the next post, too.

So for now, please enjoy a section from the Smalcald Articles regarding the upcoming topics.


We will now return  to the Gospel, which not merely in one way gives us counsel  and aid against sin; for God is superabundantly rich [and liberal]  in His grace [and goodness]. First, through the spoken Word  by which the forgiveness of sins is preached [He commands to  be preached] in the whole world; which is the peculiar office  of the Gospel. Secondly, through Baptism. Thirdly, through the  holy Sacrament of the Altar. Fourthly, through the power of  the keys, and also through the mutual conversation and consolation  of brethren, Matt. 18:20: Where two or three are gathered  together, etc.